Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Quick Visit

Even though it snowed today, the blossoms have been so pretty.  I hope the lilacs last for weeks.  
This fat goose was sitting in the grass by the bank.  I think he is sunbathing. 
 I found a good place in the USA to buy this Norwegian wool - The Woolly Thistle!  
 The yarn fest was SO much fun.  I was a little overwhelmed by all the wool and only bought a little.  Aren't the mittens and cuffs below cozy?

 For Kim and Julia - tiny hooked rugs.

(I did not buy all the pictured yarn!  Sheesh!  I just thought you might like to see the colors!)
 We've had some 70 degree days so the girls have been swimming in their new pool.  Kelli was handing something to Millie and fell in.  
 We went downtown to Birdie and Miss Bug's choir concert today.  Aw!

I have been busy getting ready to welcome my mama TOMORROW!  Yippee!
She's going to see fifteen great grands while she is here.  

I am so thankful that our kids live close.  Tomorrow Brad and April are coming down for a baseball game (Rockies) and CB and Finn are joining them, but Aria and Atticus are staying with me.  Bill is going to a play with Kelli and the girls, but by the time I get back from the airport with GGJo (that's what we call great grandma Bear) Brad's family will be here.  From that point on it's visit, visit, visit.  Yay!
I hope to find lots of time to drink coffee and talk, too (just us).  
Today we are finally home and cozy inside.
James is turning FOUR in a few weeks and Aria turns 8 on the 30th so we're going to the American Girl Store when she's here tomorrow.
Thank you for coming by and checking on me.  I'm hungry and sleepy, so I'm a bit brain dead.  I'll be back with spring-y photos soon.