Friday, September 15, 2017

Lots of Commotion and a Finish for the Weekend!

I finished a knitting project!  Yay!  I found a cute new blog (to me) called Emerald Cottage.  Jill started a new little bloggy game called Finish for the Weekend, so I decided to join in.  Plum's cardi will be ready for her birthday and she can wear it with her pink cupcake dress.   

In this photo I did some weeding with the marking tool.  I love the bright sprinkler and the paddle pool full of beachy balls. 
 The sky is so September blue!  I walked around the corner to have coffee with a friend and when I came back I had to take some photos of the amazing day we had today!

 I started this week with a mammoth moving job.  We had to completely move out of our bedroom and bathroom so the remodelers could do their work.  Yikes.  I am out of shape for moving.  I found so many dust bunnies of unusual size.  I can't believe how lazy I can be. I need to re-read Side-tracked Home Executives
 Tim's been somewhat traumatized by all the demolition noise so he just wants to cuddle.   
 I made a bird bath out of a chipped bowl.  So far, no birds have been seen swimming in it.  
 They don't seem to like the make shift bird bath below either.  

 Poor Tim!  To add insult to injury he had to go to the vet for his yearly shots.  He yowled at first but then quieted down and endured.  The vet office is so kind.  They were very welcoming and gave him lots of compliments (perfect weight, nice teeth, soft coat).

We're sleeping in the garden level guest room while our bedroom is being transformed.  I kind of like sleeping in a full size bed (instead of our queen sized bed) and Bill and I don't bump each other or take up more than our fair share of the bed like I thought we might.  It's cozy.  Tim likes the window.  I think all the dirt blowing in from the flower bed at the window is making me quite headache-y, but the cool air feels good. 
 Aren't the zinnias gorgeous?  Do you see the one rose that managed to survive the Japanese beetle invasion?

 My rhubarb plant is thriving!  Next year I shall have rhubarb pie, rhubarb sauce, and rhubarb cobbler!  
Here is a photo of the amazing tile team that made our bathroom look lovely and new!  What an incredible group.  We loved having them here.  Now the carpenter will come and put the bead board on the walls, patch the sheetrock and put in a pocket door between the bedroom and the bathroom.  Oh, and finally after one hundred years or so we will have closet doors!  Ha!  We decided to order a new bed frame from Target because our log bed is so big.  I have a history of buying big furniture, forgetting that we live in a little house.  Our Kelli wants the log bed so that makes us happy.  We will wait to buy a new box spring and mattress.  They are expensive and I don't want to make the same mistake I made with our current mattress ("We'll just take the mattress that's in it now.") That was very dumb.  It's been hard since day one.  We put a foam pad on it, but we want a soft dreamy bed, so we'll save our pennies again.  

I went to Bible Study Fellowship with Kelli this last week and LOVED it.  I also went to our church's study and I liked that, too! I had to skip book club because of all the construction commotion.  
Plum and Noah have birthdays next week and I'm going to stay at Kelli's with the girls next weekend while Kelli and Bryan go to Texas for a party.
We have our dear Australian friend coming for a few days, too.  FUN!
So September is very busy but busy in the very best way.  People busy.  
Thank you, nice person, for popping in at my place today!  xoxoxo